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Productivity doesn’t just depend on the time that we put in, but also on the quality of work we do – using the best possible tools.

Meetings Always Have A Cost

Video Conferencing Equipment – Bring everyone into your room at the touch of a button.

Even the best planned meetings are expensive in both time and money. And that’s especially true when an element of travel is involved. But now there’s a way to make any meeting substantially more productive and less expensive. It’s called Video Collaboration and G&T are leading the way with our Video Conferencing Equipment Solutions.

Our Video Conferencing Equipment breaks through the restrictions of traditional video conferencing, opening exciting new possibilities for collaboration and multi-site teamwork. All participants, including those in remote locations, can contribute content and annotate shared files directly from their tablets or other mobile devices. Meetings become more efficient, content is more immersive, and audiences are more engaged.

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Effortless Collaboration

Work in Real Time

Sometimes you want to explore new ideas and fine-tune existing concepts. Whether that takes a whole day or just ten minutes, our Video Conferencing Equipment Solutions promote instant brainstorming and anytime/anywhere participation. Budget holders and other stakeholders can join in from a smartphone or tablet (simply download the free 121 Dialler app to connect) and give sign off approval to projects without travelling to the meeting.

Our Video Conferencing Equipment Solutions makes real-time collaboration easy. An architect based in a city office, for example, can work live on documents with a colleague who is in a temporary building site office, reviewing progress and confirming design specifications and materials. Because they are both on the same Virtual Private Network (VPN) they can collaborate in real-time and on the same document without worrying about document version control.

Video Conferencing Equipment – Create a Smarter Environment

Built-in sensors connecting to the Microsoft Azure Digital Twins IoT platform and other commercially available cloud services, such as Synappx Workspaces , can help provide a more comfortable, energy-efficient meeting. This includes:


Its intelligent climate measurement can be used by an AI service to automatically regulate the room temperature and relative humidity to make the room feel from comfortable.


A motion sensor can detect the presence of any people in the room and an AI service can analyse this data and count the number of people. Additionally, an AI service can detect the location of whoever is speaking and control a three-dimensional microphone array to focus on the relevant person.

Air Quality

Levels of air quality and temperature in the meeting room can be measured and can assist another AI service to automatically adjust the air conditioning to provide the best possible working environment.


An ambient light sensor helps with intelligent lighting control, as it automatically measures the level of light.An AI service could then adjust the in-room lighting system with changing day and night conditions, which can reduce eye strain and may save money on wasted energy.

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What are the 3 Key Factors Influencing Meeting Room Productivity?

Find out how indoor climate conditions including temperature, lighting and air quality influence productivity in the meeting room in this infographic.

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