Instant Remote Support

We support our customers quickly through web-based, on-demand remote support sessions.
We can setup and manage computers and printers effortlessly, completely secure and reliable


This is an online remote support software that helps us establish a secure connection with your computer. We can then assist you with the setting up of print drivers and scanning etc.

Yes. It’s absolutely secure. All transmissions take place through Industry Standard Security using SSL/128-bit AES encryption protocols. This is the same standard used in Online Banking and Payment transactions.

Our remote support software needs to work with anti-virus to be compatible. We have worked hard to ensure our software is compatible with all major anti-virus software.

How to join a remote session

  1. Enter the Session ID provided into the box above and click connect.
  2. This will open a download page. Click Download and run the software.

Stop/Start Sharing

By default, once the session is started, your computer gets shared and the control is passed to our Technician. If the you want to pause screen sharing and remote control, you can can click ‘Stop Sharing’ tab at any time. You can resume screen sharing by clicking ‘Start Sharing.’

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