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Sharp Interactive Touchscreen Table: Meet UP – Care Home Edition

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Creating a positive atmosphere for residents and carers by inspiring interaction for all

  • Keep fit lessons, sing alongs & quizzes
  • Watching films & catch up TV
  • Brain training apps
  • Collaborative apps
  • Family engagement
  • Gaming apps
  • Group activities
  • Viewing the web
  • Skype video calling
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Sharp Interactive Touchscreen Table: Meet UP - Care Home Edition 9The Sharp Interactive Touchscreen Table: Meet UP – Care Home Edition is perfect for the Care Home environment by providing ‘person centred care’ through technology. RemindMecare Software is the focal point of our care home table. RemindMecare caters for the elderly, residents with dementia, learning disabilities or cognitive impairment.

The Sharp Interactive Touchscreen Table: Meet UP – Care Home Edition is a touch table with many different functions, it is fully integrated, adjustable and portable. Using the table is very simple, it is similar to using a smart phone or an ipad. Providing CQC, DQM & Care Inspectorate compliant software, our tables are an ideal way of improving the well-being of residents.

The Importance of Technology for Dementia Residents

Sharp Interactive Touchscreen Table: Meet UP - Care Home Edition 10‘People in the later stages of dementia can still experience three primary outcomes of play: sensation, relaxation and reminiscence’.

Technology stimulates us and creates a better quality of life. The effects of Dementia and Alzheimer’s can also be offset using technology making it an essential deterrent. Whilst it is no cure, research strongly suggests that mental stimulation reduces the chances of Alzheimer’s and dementia developing.

Many people worry that their relatives will become isolated and immobile in a care home. They are concerned that their only form of contact will be from family visits or staff members. A video call using Skype is just one way that residents can interact and maintain contact beyond the care home.

Browsing the web and introducing the internet’s possibilities to residents is an excellent way of engagement them in past interests. All of our Care Home Interactive Tables provide, sensory and learning apps to stimulate the brain and maintain focus.

Sharp Interactive Touchscreen Table: Meet UP – Care Home Edition

Every Sharp Interactive Touchscreen Table: Meet UP – Care Home Edition comes with a commercial grade screen and chargeable ‘built in’ power pack. Removing the power cable  ensures there are no trip hazards, making it an ideal solution for the care home environment.

The table is easily moved and can be used in any location around the care home thanks to its built in Wi-Fi connectivity. Every resident can join in the group activities whilst other residents may prefer a private ‘one to one’ experience.

Sharp Interactive Touchscreen Table: Meet UP - Care Home Edition 11The 32″ & 40” Interactive Raise & Lower touch table is the only solution in the world with a built in battery pack (no mains cable). Our tables include:

  • RemindMecare Software
  • Brain Training Apps
  • Collaborative Apps
  • Gaming Apps
  • Viewing the Web
  • Watching films & Catch up TV
  • Skype- Video call family & friends
  • Keep fit lessons, sing alongs & quizzes
  • Family Engagement
  • Group Activities
  • Netflix & Amazon
  • All Staff Training- Endless uses

Manufactured in the UK, all our tables come with a 3 Full Year Warranty. Telephone support is provided for the life of the table. Purchase and finance options are readily available and we are happy to arrange a no obligation demonstration.

Tel 01268 766500 to book your free demo today!


Sharp Interactive Touchscreen Table: Meet UP - Care Home Edition 12We have teamed up with RemindMecare, the world leading person-centred care Activities and Companionship software system to create the next generation in touch based activities.


RemindMecare (aka ReMe) delivers digital activities that enable enhanced person centred care. By capturing personal knowledge of the person, the ELR data (Electronic Life Records – ie life story, profile, memories, preferences, care information, etc.) not only provides knowledge to support carers and activity coordinators in their daily work, but also captures the nature of the activities, who is present and the activity outcomes. And importantly, renders all personal data GDPR compliant, whilst also generating automated reports for management, CQC reporting and family participation.

Sharp Interactive Touchscreen Table: Meet UP - Care Home Edition 13Providing access to the internet and educating residents on both how to browse the web and the internet’s possibilities, is an excellent way to help enable the elderly to retain engagement with something that interests them. All of our Care Home Interactive Tables are installed with sensory and learning apps to engage the brain and maintain focus.

All of our tables come with standard apps in the categories Sensory, Media, Explore, Music & Sounds. These Pre-installed apps make it easier to find an interest for all residents. We have researched specific apps, tailoring to the needs of Care Homes, finding our Sensory Apps most popular and suitable for all residents at all stages of life.

RemindMecare app can be installed on to our tables for an additional price, and provides person centred care for each resident.


Brochure Download: Interactive Touchscreen Table Meet Up Care Home Edition


Touchscreen Tables Innovate Newcare Homes
Midshire Case Study

Sharp Interactive Touchscreen Table: Meet UP - Care Home Edition 14

‘Established in 2009, Newcare Projects is a development-steered care home provider offering specialist ‘new generation’ care facilities to its residents in the Midlands and North West. Adopting a home-from-home mentality, Newcare wanted to stimulate the minds of occupants through innovative touchscreen technology, all whilst in-keeping with the homes’ 5-star finish.

Priding itself on the provision of comfortable, safe, and engaging living environments, a constant problem for Newcare is ensuring that its residents remain engaged. The organisation caters for people of all intellects and abilities, many of whom, whilst immobile or movement impaired, are still entirely capable mentally. The company also provides a safe space for people suffering with dementia, so the main concern for staff was finding touchscreen technology that would benefit and be used by all by challenging their minds, particularly during periods in-between scheduled activities.

Midshire’s solution was to provide Newcare with intuitive interactive touchscreen tables, which were proposed for several reasons. With access to thousands of downloadable games, puzzles, and quizzes, all with adjustable difficulties, the touchscreens would be the perfect tool to challenge the minds of every resident, whilst sensory applications would help provide dementia patients with an engaging familiarity.

Secondly, the manoeuvrability of the devices makes them extremely versatile in function. During periods in-between scheduled activities Newcare staff would be able to set up the device in a horizontal table position for residents to play group games together, such as poker or ice hockey, and easily change the orientation of the touchscreen table to vertical for showing videos or playing films. The sleek aluminium frame and oak finish of the touch table would also integrate perfectly with the modern finish of the home.’

Touch Screen Innovation For Neonatal Charity
Midshire Case Study

Sharp Interactive Touchscreen Table: Meet UP - Care Home Edition 15

Libby Mae’s Little Angels is a charity set up in memory of the founders’ daughter, that funds the…specialised work of eighteen neonatal units in the Midlands. The charity has completely revolutionised its fundraising activity with the latest in touch screen technology from Midshire. Wholly reliant on donations to fund its activity, the organisation was also in talks with Midshire to develop a new app for parents and families effected by baby loss and neonatal issues, which could be used on both Android and IOS devices.

As a registered charity, Libby Mae’s Little Angels is dependent upon donations generated from its own activity, to both raise money and spread awareness of its work. A constant problem was reinventing the ways in which they engaged with potential benefactors to spread the important message.
Secondly, as a campaigner for eighteen neonatal units in the West Midlands, Libby Mae’s is constantly on the move. Coupled with hosting various charitable events across the country, the organisation needed a new way of reaching its audience, but one that was easily transportable.
Lastly, the charity’s founders, Charlotte and Richard Sharratt had wanted to design an app to help parents and families for a long time, but had no idea of where to begin, what it should look like, or how users would interact with it.

Midshire’s solution was to provide Libby Mae’s with three compact, easily transportable, 22-inch interactive touch screen tables. The state-of-the-art AV equipment was proposed to be the perfect tool for the charity to showcase its website, photo, and video content at events.

An immediate benefit of the AV installation has been to bring some much-needed life to the specialised unit at Birmingham Women’s Hospital, where Charlotte and Richard sadly lost their daughter, Libby Mae. A permanent fixture that adds a high-tech feel to the unit, one of the devices has been fitted onto a unique ‘Hi-Lo’ stand, making it completely manoeuvrable dependent on need; it can be raised high to show announcements, or be lowered to the floor for use by children.

Most notably, the AV equipment has completely changed the way that Libby Mae’s raises money. They can now keep people engaged with the emotive content they display, making the charity’s cause tangible and visible at exhibitions and events.

By creatively displaying their content to people, they are more captivated and absorbed, the charity is now much better equipped to reach their ever-increasing targets, having raised over £250,000 for the eighteen neonatal units in the Midlands to date.

Touch Screens for Harry Johnson’s Trust
Bridgnorth Journal Article

Sharp Interactive Touchscreen Table: Meet UP - Care Home Edition 16

Poorly children at Telford’s Princess Royal Hospital have been handed new high-tech equipment by a good cause. Patients
on the general children’s ward and the children’s oncology and haematology ward received two Tiny Tablets, funded partly by the Harry Johnson Trust. The machines are actually the size of a large television, but have all the functions of modern tablets.

They can be wheeled around the wards, raised and lowered or turned flat and placed on a bed. Tracey Caldicott, a teacher at the hospital, said: “The Tiny Tablets will brighten up patients’ days in lots of ways. “They can be used to support the patients with their schoolwork, play educational games together, distract a patient when they are feeling particularly unwell or distressed or even just to watch a film with their family when they are admitted to the wards for long periods. “The tablets were funded in part by the Harry Johnson Trust and also by the Childrens’ Oncology and Haematology Trust Fund. “The tablets are part of a wonderful new package of IT equipment funded by these trusts that also includes four state of the art laptops.”

Bridgnorth Journal- Lisa O’Brein