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Interactive Touch Table Care Home Edition

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best price promiseCreating a positive atmosphere for residents and carers by inspiring interaction for all

  • Keep fit lessons, sing alongs & quizzes
  • Watching films & catch up TV
  • Brain training apps
  • Collaborative apps
  • Family engagement
  • Gaming apps
  • Group activities
  • Viewing the web
  • Skype video calling
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Interactive Touch Table Care Home Edition

The Interactive Touch Table Care Home Edition is a touch table with many different functions, it is fully integrated, adjustable and portable. Using the table is very simple, it is similar to using a smart phone or an ipad. Providing CQC, DQM & Care Inspectorate compliant software, our tables are an ideal way of improving the well-being of residents.

Remind Me CareThe Interactive Touch Table Care Home Edition is perfect for the Care Home environment by providing ‘person centred care’ through technology. RemindMecare Software is the focal point of our care home table. RemindMecare caters for the elderly, residents with dementia, learning disabilities or cognitive impairment.

The Importance of Technology for Dementia Residents

Interactive Touch Table Care Home Edition

Interactive Touch Table Care Home Edition

‘People in the later stages of dementia can still experience three primary outcomes of play: sensation, relaxation and reminiscence’.

Technology stimulates us and creates a better quality of life. The effects of Dementia and Alzheimer’s can also be offset using technology making it an essential deterrent. Whilst it is no cure, research strongly suggests that mental stimulation reduces the chances of Alzheimer’s and dementia developing.

Many people worry that their relatives will become isolated and immobile in a care home. They are concerned that their only form of contact will be from family visits or staff members. A video call using Skype is just one way that residents can interact and maintain contact beyond the care home.

Browsing the web and introducing the internet’s possibilities to residents is an excellent way of engagement them in past interests. All of our Care Home Interactive Tables provide, sensory and learning apps to stimulate the brain and maintain focus.

Interactive Touch Table Care Home Edition

Every Interactive Touch Table Care Home Edition comes with a commercial grade screen and chargeable ‘built in’ power pack. Removing the power cable  ensures there are no trip hazards, making it an ideal solution for the care home environment.

The table is easily moved and can be used in any location around the care home thanks to its built in Wi-Fi connectivity. Every resident can join in the group activities whilst other residents may prefer a private ‘one to one’ experience.

Interactive Touch Table Care Home Edition

Interactive Touch Table Care Home Edition

The 40” Interactive Raise & Lower touch table is the only solution in the world with a built in battery pack (no mains cable). Our tables include:

  • RemindMecare Software
  • Brain Training Apps
  • Collaborative Apps
  • Gaming Apps
  • Viewing the Web
  • Watching films & Catch up TV
  • Skype- Video call family & friends
  • Keep fit lessons, sing alongs & quizzes
  • Family Engagement
  • Group Activities
  • Netflix & Amazon
  • All Staff Training- Endless uses

Manufactured in the UK, all our tables come with a 3 Full Year Warranty. Telephone support is provided for the life of the table. Purchase and finance options are readily available and we are happy to arrange a no obligation demonstration.

Tel 01268 766500 or Contact Us to book your free demo today!



Helping you offer top quality care to your residents.

Keep up with current Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulations by offering the latest technology to your residents. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) recommend that homes offer their residents person centred care alongside access to beneficial technology that can help them to gain confidence and independence. The Meet UP provides an effective solution to a care home’s technological needs, helping you ensure that your service is in line with the CQC’s regulations.