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Monitoring in Real Time For Your
Convenience And Peace of Mind

A new remote service for networked output devices connected in a LAN/Broadband environment.

@Remote is available today, free to all G&T customers.

Wouldn't it be great if one simple, easy to use service could solve many of the challenges of printer fleet management today, from the laborious and time consuming task of manual meter readings to the hassle for ordering replacement supplies and parts.

With @Remote all that has changed, not only will @Remote automatically read your meters for you, it can also order your replacement toners, send device support information and provide detailed activity reports for all your machines - allowing you to control your devices throughout your business and potentially save significant operating costs.

@Remote is a New Kind of Support Service

Principal Tasks of @Remote

1. Minimize manual tasks

For example, meters and counters of network-connected MFPs and printers are read automatically. Previously, tasks associated with collecting and reporting meter and counter data required the user to check the device and then fill out a postcard or make a telephone call, but this is no longer necessary.

2. Monitor fleet activity

In addition to the total pages printed by each printer, the service reports detailed device use information, such as usage of each paper size, double-sided printing rate, color/monochrome breakdown, and use in the various modes (copying, printing, etc.).
Periodic monitoring of each device on the network keeps track of the connection status and use of each device. That information can be applied in the management of the devices, and the user can also receive proposals on how to best use the devices, specifically for the environment in which they operate.

3. Automating service call notification to minimize downtime

A device’s self-diagnostic data is automatically forwarded to the Data Center in the event of a breakdown or other problem.
The service provider receiving the information can take immediate and appropriate action, making rapid CE or Service Technician arrangements to simplify the process of requesting a repair, and minimizing device downtime.

  • Note:The timing of @Remote introduction and the content of the service may vary between countries, regions, installation environments and the devices used. Contact us for details.

Is @Remote Secure?

Communications between RC Gate and Ricoh, and between devices and RC Gate, use the SSL system. SSL (Secure Socket Layer), a protocol with added data encryption, is widely used in applications such as Internet banking.

@Remote sends information on services provided, such as maintenance of managed devices, and @Remote registration information, to the Data Center. @Remote never acquires any data that has been scanned or output by your devices.

@Remote obtains ISO 15408 certification (Common Criteria) that is the international standard to evaluate IT security of a product or system.

Communications with the Data Center pass through the security network configured by the customer.

The devices, @Remote and Ricoh systems, each have their own electronic certificates. These certificates are exchanged before every communication transaction, authenticating the counterpart for each party before using the public key encryption for communications, which protects data from improper acquisition through spoofing. The RC Gate and each device has its own, specific certificate.

The RC Gate regularly polls the Ricoh Group side to report its operational status, and to verify the instruction sent by the Data Center. When the devices are accessed from the Data Center for purposes such as firmware updates, communication is only enabled after mutual cross-checking when the RC Gate polls the Data Center at regular intervals. Therefore, the Ricoh Group will never initiate an RC Gate action from the Internet.

Also, the RC Gate makes automatic reports at the following times. (These are not communications at polling times)

Meter/counter reporting (automatic meter/counter reading), automatic notification of a breakdown, alarm information, manual calls and toner calls.


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